Treadmill exercises to keep your routine fresh
February 23, 2017

Heading to the gym every day and doing the same old thing is the fast track to giving up entirely. A good way to keep yourself interested is to try different things with the equipment you use every day.

The treadmill is a staple of every gym, but it always seems to limited. You can walk, you can run, or you can do a combination of the two. That’s it right? Wrong. Below are a few exercises to add some freshness to your treadmill workouts and stay motivated.

Pick a card, any card

Before you head to the gym, take the time to create some flash cards. On these you will write:


When you get on the treadmill, these will be your workout. Shuffle them up, then pick a card and do what it says. This is the interval training you know and love, but with a little added spice to make it more spontaneous.

You can also mix it up further by adding walking lunges, skipping, jumping off and doing press ups or sit ups, high fiving the person next to you (if they’re game) and a whole lot more.

Treadmill drinking game (without the drinking)

If you can watch TV while on the treadmill, or it would work as well with music, then you can set yourself a phrase or word that means you must sprint, or get off and do press ups, or whatever you decide upon. For example, if you choose to do it with music, set up your Spotify or music app to play a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Every time they say the word “California” you must sprint (or whatever you decide), and after a few tracks you’ll have had an intense work out.

Create a playlist

For many people, music is a vital part of their work out routine and another way to run to the music is to create a playlist before you head to the gym. Alternate the pace of songs to match walking, running, sprinting, and use the change of songs to indicate where you will be altering the intensity of the particular interval.

Run with a friend

Working out with another person is a great way to keep it fresh. Even just on a day to day basis your differing levels of motivation will help the other person stay on track. You can make it more interesting though and creating little challenges is the ideal way to push each other further. A good one is “Rock, paper, scissors”. Every few minutes you play a quick game while jogging on the treadmill and the loser (or the winner) has to sprint for 30 seconds. This can be a great way to motivate each other to not only run and get fit, but also improve your “Rock, paper, scissors” game.

Image Credit: Fitness

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