Single Mum Laura couldn't be happier..
I lost a total of 4.3kgs (was 56.6kgs and now 52.3kgs) I am a single mum and I was always low on energy and tired ALL the time. I noticed I was full of beans all day. Didn't even catch a yawn after the first week. Most certainly stopped my horrendous bloating problem as you could see haha.  I have recommended it to 4 people (so far) when they asked and they have already ordered some!! My best friends neighbour next door is waiting for hers to arrive checking her mail box every day she's the excited :) One awesome thing I loved was 1 week in I snuck 1 square of chocolate and felt so sick so haven't had any temptation since (and I am a MAD chocolate lover) *Results from 28day detox package  
Experience with 28 Day Fat Burner for a week
I have been on the 28 day fat burner for a week and I have lost 1.5kg. I feel like I have more energy and I find that I am also sleeping alot better as I have always had problems with sleeping. I feel great after each at and I feel like I can push myself hard and further at the gym. I just wanna say this product it amazing and I can't wait to see my results at the end of my 28 days! Thank you Skinny Tea Time P.S. I also follow you guys on Instagram hayleigh.xx
Alex’s Amazing Transformation
I mainly started the 14 day detox to help with my energy levels during the uni exam period, along with kick starting some weight loss. Although I struggled to exercise as much as I would have liked as I was so busy last minute cramming for exams. I maintained a reasonably healthy diet with a few exceptions. I suffer from mild chronic fatigue and found that my energy levels elevated during the detox. There was also a very noticeable difference in the amount of bloating. I find myself craving the taste of the tea after finishing the detox, and have already ordered more. I am usually sceptical about these types of things, but SMT is defiantly worth trying, whether it is for weight loss or better wellbeing. I started the detox at 57.5 kilos and finished it at 55 kilos. I can’t wait to start my next detox and fully apply myself to losing a little more weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
Annie’s Incredible Experience
At first I didn’t think that I would send anything in, as I was skeptical about how this product would work – however after the first 14 days I took another photo, (photo 2) and could really see my tea was working! It was incredible. My body was becoming increasingly more toned and I was feeling a whole lot less bloated. My weight just seemed to be falling off!! Looking from my before photo (Photo 1) and then to my after photos (Photo 3&4) you can see such a huge difference and I feel like a completely different person! I am no longer ashamed of the thought of sending my before and after photos because I feel magnificent. Since the beginning of my fat burning detox I have lost 6kgs (13 pounds). WOW. What an amazing product. 100% recommend it. Could not be happier right now. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU
Over 5 Kilos down for Rebecca!
My name is Rebecca, my before weight was 81.6kg and my after weight was 76.9kg. I noticed that I felt much better getting out of bed in the morning, not sluggish and sleepy, as well and not needing a 3pm snack every afternoon. I liked the taste of the tea, the shot was quick so I had no problems getting it down. I would definitely recommend Skinny Tea Time. It gave me the best start to changing my lifestyle and getting my weight back on track. I would like to thank you for the Skinny Tea Time program. I was able to get my head out of the clouds and start living a healthier lifestyle. The tea worked great as well as promoting more exercise and clean eating. The 28 day detox was a great start, I have done three months, and I will definitely use again. I am not where I want to be yet in regards to my weight. But now I know a body I am not embarrassed about is achievable. I would like to get down to a healthy weight by the end of the year and keep it off. My plan is to look and feel great in my wedding dress for 2016. If I feel myself starting to stray I will definitely use a detox again.
Kaylee’s experienced with STT fat burner
At first I purchased the skinny tea time fat burner for the speeding up of metabolism purpose only. It was a nice surprise that it really worked! Not only did it make me feel more energized in the mornings like I hoped, it actually made me loose weight! Like I said, I didn’t get it for weight loss purposes, so I wasn’t eating a meal plan for most effectiveness. I thought it was great! I felt so good!! I varied from 65 kg (beginning weight) all the way down to 55 kg at a point! I wasn’t trying to loose weight so it eventually went back up to 60 kg due to snacking all the time. This product makes you feel skinny and healthier from day 1. After having such a tight budget, I’ve decided to continue with this product and will be doing so for weight loss, now I know it’s super effective.. And it won’t take me months to get a summer body! I have recommended skinny tea time to all my friends and family and some of them have tried and loved the results.
Laura’s Amazing Experience Using Detox Tea
Before I started the tea, I weighed 73.4 kg and after the 14 days I weigh 70.9. I’m not a tea drinker at all, so at first I didn’t particularly like the taste, but as days went by, I got used to it and the tea became a lot easier to drink! The tea helped me eat better and eat less, I didn’t crave sugar or fatty foods, and I didn’t have as large an appetite. I am really happy with the results and would definitely buy again
Michelle’s Inspiration – Skinny Tea Time
I took the fat burner for 14 days every morning. The taste is fine, it easily dissolves into hot water, a lot nicer than metamucil. I felt more energetic in the mornings after taking it, I’m not a morning person so it’s great. My weight before was 64 kilos and my weight now is 61.9 kilos.
How Skinny Tea Time Build Jade’s Confident
I started working in the city back in 2011. I was a small size 8 and didn’t have to worry about my figure. Being lazy, I always purchased “fast food” and snacked throughout the day – I never bothered to watch my diet. At the start of 2013 I noticed my weight had fluctuated and wanted to do something about my bloating. I tried several diets and it never seemed to improve. At the start of 2014, I saw the Skinny Tea Time diet on Facebook and thought I would give it a go. I purchased my tea and received a meal and exercise plan. Over the past 3 weeks I have already noticed a change in my bloating (and less snacking). Out of all the diets and treatments I have undergone, this has easily been the most effective. When I started this diet, I was 65 kg and thanks to Skinny Tea Time, I now weigh 61 kg. Not only did it work – the tea actually tasted amazing. I would drink it even if it weren’t for diet purposes. I’ve already got my family and friends hooked. I would encourage anyone looking to balance their diet and loose weight to try Skinny Tea Time. Along with the tea, I highly encourage you to also follow the fantastic meal plan and exercise regime. I am feeling more confident in myself and more energetic. I really love Skinny Tea Time and will continue going to the gym and enjoying their tea.
Lourie’s Tea Experience
My skinny tea time journey started at 55kg, i seriously needed to do something as my stomach was bloating after every lunch and dinner. the gym and swimming pool is upstairs on the roof top but it seamed to be too far away. i needed motivation, and i fund it after 2 days drinking the tea. i can remember the smile on my face, i even checked if my scale was working, i lost the first kilo in 2 days ! the taste of the tea is all right but my favourite is probably the one to drink before lunch, i really enjoyed that one. The effect i noticed is that i was not hungry and that my stomach felt great, not bloating at all. The tea also gave me the energy to work out and to feel sexy and beautiful, my partner is happy too… i am now 51 kg after 3weeks drinking the tea and i can’t wait to receive my free 28days fat burner, not to loose anymore weight but because i used to have digestion issues and always felt bloated, but not anymore with the tea. my sister that leave overseas also have issues like i used to have and ordered the skinny tea time too. i can’t wait to see her reaction on how fast and amazing the tea is effecting on her. Thanks skinny tea time xxx
Elysia’s story
I decided to try the Skinny Tea Time to cleanse myself of all the terrible food I had consumed over the Christmas and holiday period. I was bloated and felt sluggish and thought it may reduce the bloating and give me a bit more energy to get back into the gym and a healthy lifestyle again. I definitely did not expect the results that I received from the detox! I weighed 61 Kilograms before starting the tea and 56 after I had completed the detox. I found the Day Time tea gave me tons of energy and that I didn’t crave sugar or carbs mid day like I usually would. I would leave the tea for at least 5 minutes before I would drink it to ensure I was receiving the full benefits of the tea. There is not much of a taste, it is just like a pleasant green tea and is easy to drink. The Night Time tea definitely cleansed me of toxins and not just reduced my bloating but eliminated it completely! Every second night I would have the tea and it ensured the next day that I was regular in going to the bathroom and overall it made me feel lighter and not sluggish like I was prior to the tea. I know some people say they had nausea with this tea but I had no side effects whatsoever and again it was easy to drink and barely had a taste. The Fat Burner tea was easy to drink and was my favourite in taste. My main goal from doing the detox was to get myself back on track and to hopefully lose a bit of weight. I want to tone up and live a healthier lifestyle so this was like a starting point for me. I exercised throughout the detox and tried to follow the diet but I did have a few slack days as well due to birthday parties and events I could not avoid. I weighed myself on day one and was 61 kg, I then weighed myself on day 7 (middle of the detox) and weighed 58 kg and on the last day I weighed 56 kg! After completing the detox I felt light, energised, healthy and the weight loss results were amazing! I have done the 14 day again since then and I will continue to do the detox every few months. I cannot speak highly enough of this program and I recommend it to anyone who felt the way I did and needed a change! Try it and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Emily looking good
I lost about 1.5 kg and I noticed that I had more energy, I was sleeping a lot better, I wasn’t bloated at all and my appetite for sweet food was suppressed. I drank the tea in combination with exercise as well. I used to drink white coffee with two sugars and now I find that I prefer the taste of black coffee without sugar a lot more. The tea was also very easy to drink. It just tasted like normal tea. I would definitely recommend this diet for anyone who wants to feel more healthy and lose a little bit of weight. Overall, this whole experience made me a lot happier as well.



Bianca’s amazing story
At the start of the teatox I weighed about 62.7kg and about 28 days later I weighed 59.5kg, not only have a lost the kilos but I feel more toned than ever. While using I felt more energised and actually motivated to exercise daily than the usual 3 days a week. Also my sugar cravings decreased dramatically which is great as I am the sugar queen, which also reduced in bloating.

As I am an extreme tea lover/drinker I thought the tea tasted great, for people who don’t drink tea that much, it has more of a taste in green tea.

My life goals is to be healthy as ever and this teatox has kick started my journey so far. I do recommend this if you feel bloated and want to lose those extra kilos, also it’s actually great that something so simple such as drinking tea can make you feel like a whole new person.

Thank you skinnyteatime for creating a new me.

Bi xxxxxxxx

Greta’s Amazing body!
My names Greta, I am a 23years old mother to a nearly two year old girl. I was weighing 72kgs and my stomach felt bloated and uncomfortable a lot of the time. I saw Skinny Tea Time online and After only a couple of days doing the detox system my stomach had no bloating at all and i had more energy to run around with my little one. As well as changing my diet to a more healthy one i was a lot less hungry and didn’t need to pick on food during the day. The taste was great and I loved having my tea during the day. I am now 65kgs and still loosing weight My friends have asked what I’ve been doing and I have recommended Skinny Tea Time to them all. I feel great and love the new me.

Thanks Skinny Tea

Hannah’s Story
During my 28 day detox, I noticed SO many significant changes to my body and also my overall attitude towards eating. I noticed a definite reduction of bloating, I had lots of energy and found it much easier to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. The taste of the fat burner tea took a couple of days to get used to, but the day time tea is a great way to kickstart your healthy mornings. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with the kinds of food they eat, because I felt confident that I could go a full day without wasting calories on sugary treats, which has never been true for me before. Although I did not measure my weight loss, I was more pleased with the overall good vibes the tea brought to me, as it made me more confident in my body knowing how healthy I had become. Although I did not pair the detox with the suggested work out plan, I still noticed a change in my stomach area, which is why I recently purchased another 14 day detox to see how much everyday working out will help me get my body to my final goal!

Thank you skinny tea time!

Helen’s Post

January 26, 2014 · by helenbfang · in Experiences. · About a month ago, I started the Skinny Tea Time (STT) 14 day cleanse detox. Initially I was planning on posting my progress and thoughts of the teatox diet daily or at least post the day after I had finished. Clearly I didn’t! I kept a daily record of my thoughts and how I was feeling during programme and also wrote what my aims were prior starting the programme. Tonight I’ll just share with you the pre-programme spiel as well as my first and last impressions!


28/12/2013 “Tonight is the night before I start the Skinny Tea Time 14 day cleanse detox. I’ve been mulling over the teatox programme for about a month now and I’ve concluded that it’s something I’m willing to try. I am aware of potential side effects from researching into Skinny Me Tea, however I’m yet to find negative information surrounding STT. Last time I weighed myself was two weeks ago, when I last had access to scales. I was 54.6kg, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gained maybe a kilo or so since. Goal weight is between 50-52kg.

But first, I probably should mention this before you start thinking I’m crazy for wanting to drop my weight. My height is 161cm, so even though I’m still sitting within the healthy BMI range, I’m still a little on the soft side (and am considered to be rather chubby for Asian standards -.-). Also, at the start of the summer, upon arriving in Australia, I weighed 62kg. Within four weeks of being here I’ve managed to lose 7.4kg! All this was done without the aid of any supplements. This was achieved solely through clean eating (mostly vegetarian eating, and almost no snacking… this was pretty much due to not having any snack foods at Dad’s place at the time. Also with him being vegetarian, I was just too lazy to go out and buy meat products. Not to mention, I’m not fond of handling them either!) and not being sedative! I was busing around Brisbane and taking the train between Brisbane and the Gold Coast a lot, and with the added heat, my fat pretty much melted away, I guess So yeah, the purpose of this is to really see how far I can push myself to lose. I’ll be maintaining a healthy diet, only aiming to reduce the amounts of sugars, fats and carbs I eat as opposed to the complete elimination of. And I’ll also maintain, if not increase physical activity, through getting out of the house (pretty much). Fingers crossed and here’s hoping for a successful two weeks!”


First impressions from days 1 and 2: “Really enjoyed the taste of the fat burner. Tastes mostly of matcha and wasn’t too strong! As for the day cleanser, it has a very strong ginseng taste to it – rather pleasant! Positive results from the fat burner. As described, I was able to stave off hunger pangs between meals and felt energised all day. First taster of the colon cleanse tea, wasn’t as strong tasting as I had thought it’d be. Felt the effects of the day cleanser and fat burner. At the end of the day, I had noticed I was less bloated. My stomach felt somewhat unsettled, and had small pains but not as bad as menstrual cramps!”


Last impressions: I did a pretty average job at maintaining the other aspects of the diet for this STT programme to have a significant impact. I ate healthily, but I did spent half the time at home hiding from the heat wave! The biggest thing I noticed was less bloating when I got my period as well as the appetite suppression effects! I really enjoyed drinking the teas, but didn’t feel much of the laxative effects – I guess I had cleansed out my intestines well enough prior the programme when I had lost my first 8kgs. I was somewhat disappointed that the colon cleanse did not act that strongly either, even after brewing for 15+ minutes! So overall, I felt as if I had wasted what could have been potentially a good teatox. But in saying that, given my lifestyle at that time I really didn’t need to do it. I was eating clean, I stopped snacking, was active enough and had regular bowel movements! If you already have a similar lifestyle to mine, then I wouldn’t recommend doing any teatoxes – unless you were to also planning on sticking to a very strict eating regime and workout plan!

I might try this again at a later time, when I find myself eating less clean! I’m flatting this year and my kitchen and wallet can’t accommodate for the vegetables and fruit I’d like to eat!

Bianca’s Fat Burner Review!
Hi there!

I wanted to say thank you for your amazing fat burner product, not only has it helped me with bloating and losing the weight, I feel more energized than ever!

My best friend and I have done it together and the both of us have lost about 3kg each! We were so happy about this and have told our other friends to give it a try and we are so psyched to continue this journey you have made for us.

Thank you once again and can’t wait to order another pack!

B xxx

Sharlezza’s Review
Hi my names Sharlezza..

I did the fat burning tea over a month and got great results. I was also eating healthy and going to gym but found myself at a plateau so this helped to boost it. It didnt taste the greatest i think it was more the smell that put me off but it was only a quick shot so it wasn’t a problem to take! My skin was fine and no change in appetite supressed.. But no bloating at all..

My tummy started to go down straight away and i just didnt feel sluggish and heavy within myself! I really recommend this..but with making sure you are eating healthy! I lost all together around 4- 5 kgs!

Lacey’s Results!
Hi, In November I purchased your fat burner tea.

These are my before and after photos. Before I was 78 kg and after 74 kg, now I have lost another 2 kg. I’m not entirely at my goal yet but I will be definitely buying a detox from STT again.

Thank you!


Bek's overcome challenges to achieve her goals!
Thank you for your help Skinny tea I am a new me and I feel amazing!

Last year a long string of events caused me to struggle a lot with everyday tasks, even making a meal became a battle of tears and worry. As I tried to come to terms with the fact that my dad and cousin had been diagnosed with incurable diseases, I got dumped by the guy who told me he wanted to marry me, uni, work and dancing became an effort and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. And a month ago a very close and dear friend committed suicide and it hit home all to well. But since then I have received help from the places I needed it most, and an overwhelming amount of love and support from my friends and family.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Skinny Tea Time, your tea not only helped my body get back to where I feel confident, amazing and sexy, but because of that I now can take on any challenge that comes my way, (I’m going on an exchange to Colorado State Uni in a week =D). Starting the detox was not about ‘loosing weight’ but feeling confident and comfortable in my self inside and out. My mind is clear and my head is healing.

I put together a wee collage of pictures for you


Beks (Junior) xx

Katelyn’s Experience
I started the 14 day detox program and lost a total of 1kg, I instantly noticed an increase in my energy levels, and was surprised to notice a reduction in my cravings for food. I was happy to find the tea was easily drinkable unlike other products i have used that make you feel sick while drinking it. The colon cleanse worked well, and helped decrease bloated feelings. I would recommend this 14 detox to introduce a full 28 day detox and it really shows you what its like and how it can work. Although i still have far to go in reaching my goal weight this has really helped my motivation into losing weight, eating healthy and exercising, and i will be starting the 28 day detox shortly
Liana’s Great Bod!
I had a fantastic experience on the 14day detox, I have battled acne for years and my skin improved significantly during the detox. I had no bloating or discomfort after eating and felt a noticeable increase in energy. My appetite decreased and I did not crave sugary treats which I often do. I went from 58kgs to 55kgs in the 14 days. The taste of the tea was pleasant in the end, although I did take a day or two to get used to it. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Chelsea is ready for the New Year!!
Hi Skinny Tea Time!

When I started the skinny tea detox I was 58 kilo’s and I dropped down to 54 kilos in just 2 weeks (: I found it was great I felt I had so much more energy! Usually I am really tired but I wasn’t tired anymore, I found I also slept a lot better during my teatox as I usually have sleeping problems. I didn’t get any bloating and I found I wasn’t always picking at junk food all the time so it was great! My skin was a lot nicer and I had a healthy glow all the time.

After the 2 weeks I felt and looked so much healthier. I would recommend it to everybody, it has helped me significantly in achieving my health and fitness goals. I can’t wait to start again to help after all the junk food over the Christmas period!

Chelsea xx

Rachel’s awesome bod!
Hi Skinny Tea Time, My experience with the 14 day detox was great!

I am a very health conscious person, work out every day, have just completed a half marathon and now training for a full!

I try to eat as healthy as possible but have a very weak spot for chocolate and biscuits, which lets me down, a lot!

My after weight is 59kgs. I don’t believe too much in weight as my body has a lot of muscle so judging people by weight isn’t really my interest. I was doing this to help with my bloating and appetite suppression as I find myself constantly eating!

Taking the tea was great, simple, fool proof and definitely provided me with the results I was after. I could notice just after 2 days that the bloating in my stomach had gone away and I wasn’t reaching for the chocolate as much.

The taste of the tea was very natural, a lot nicer than some teas I have tried. Not so bitter. Have already recommended to all the girls at work and will be trying again soon!


Danielle amazing testimonial:)
Before starting the 14 Day Detox, my weight was 76kg, and I was feeling heavy and bloated.

I decided to try it out, as I’ll be going to beach for a holiday soon and I want to be able to wear a bikini. Within a couple of days, I noticed that my energy levels were up – I didn’t feel like I needed a sleep at lunch time – and I didn’t get hungry as often, and I wasn’t craving sugary or salty foods.

The taste of the tea grew on me over the two weeks. At first, I didn’t particularly like the taste, but stayed with it.

I have recommended it to a few work friends, who said that they would definitely look into it.

I work in a bakery – obviously lots of cakes – and it’s very hard to resist a lot of the time. With that food, and barely any exercise, my weight crept up.

After the 14 days was over, my weight has been 72.5 – 73kg.

Sarah’s great review
Hi, I just finished my first pack of the 14 day fat burner and it’s amazing! I’ve attached my before and after photos and I’m so happy. My extra weight always fell to my bum and legs and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it off and now finally combining this fat burner with exercise and a healthy diet I can see change! Thanks heap Skinny Tea Time you are a lifesaver.

The 1 in the photos means before and the 2 means after!

I weighed 59kgs before i took the fat burner and afterwards I now weigh 54kg! My energy levels in the morning were a lot better and it lasted longer throughout the day than it usually would. I usually get pimples on my back but when I was taking the fat burner the pimples cleared. I still ate meals but I wasn’t craving chocolates or cakes like i usually do! I didn’t even think about bad food and this made me happier as I actually enjoyed healthy food. The taste of the fat burner wasn’t the nicest tasting drink but it’s okay because it’s only a quick shot and it is definitely worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who is really struggling to lose weight or tone their body. I have had problems for about 4 years to lose weight in my thighs and hips area. I had a hip operation and ever since then no matter how healthy i ate or how much i worked out I couldn’t lose weight or properly tone this specific area. Then finally I tired this fat burning tea and I am so happy I can finally see results. I feel so much more confident in myself now and i don’t feel embarrassed when I’m in a bikini! This was actually my little personal life saving drink so thank you so much!

Sarah xxx

Kate’s amazing results :)
Hi there,

Recently I completed the two week detox and lost 2.3kg during that time.

Although it was pleasant drinking it, I think the morning fat burner shot helped me out the most. I got use to it after a couple of days and with a glass of water on hand I got over the taste.

The detox day tea was quite a sweet tea so I found that I don’t eat as much sweet food anymore. (Yesterday was my birthday so I treated myself to a sweet slice which made me feel sick in the end – must not be use to eating so much sugary-badness anymore.)

I only had the colon cleanse once as it made me feel sick for the following few hours and I didn’t get the expected results from it as it did the opposite.

Overall I really enjoyed the two week program and am looking forward to receiving my free 28 day fat burner and continuing on my journey of weight loss. I’m stoked with my results because in all honesty I didn’t expect to see much change.



Kay’s awesome results!
I lost 2kg in two weeks but the big difference was the cm around my waist. I felt more energetic for the rest of the day after having the shot in the morning. The taste of the tea was just like drinking green tea, and having a shot doesn’t leave to much taste anyway.

I am going to recommend skinnytea to any one that is looking for the quick and ideal wait loss of just for something to give you a bit more energy or for a good detox.

I have been trying to get into shape and fit again, and finally found something that will help me a bit further as normal diets and just exercise wasn’t doing it for me.

I will definitely be buying this often in the future

Morgan’s awesome results
excerptWasn’t sure whether this was the place to send our transformations but here is mine! I did the 14 day teatox and had a starting weight of 56kg and after the 2 weeks am now 54kg! I’ve tried other teatoxes before and none of them compare to Skinny Tea Time – Skinny Tea Time tastes great and you actually feel and see a difference with it. It’s helped me get into a healthy eating lifestyle where I don’t crave junk food anymore and drink water much more regularly! I’ve also got a good workout plan now. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am recommending this to all my friends xx
Nikita’s great review
Hi Skinny Tea Time,

I literally get on the scales and it goes down at least 1/2 a kg every day, unless I was bad and ate take away or didn’t exercise for a few days. But I’m finding it so fantastic! Not I only am I losing weight but I’m feeling great and sleeping better. And I only got a 14 day detox. Think I might do the 28 day one it’s just so awesome how it doesn’t restrict what u eat. Obviously the better u eat the better it works but I don’t feel guilty if I have some bad food. AND it tastes good!!! So glad I found your product. Needed help to lose 10kgs for my wedding in March!


Jemma looking so fit!!
Hi there,

I don’t know my exact weight at the start as i don’t have scales, but i was in the 60kgs mark , i was a size 10 ish now im a size 6 , the tea tasted okay i don’t like tea anyway but i could drink it easily , i felt energised for the day all day and im normally tired after a along day of work but i felt good everyday ,My appetite was suppressed throughout the day, im happy with my results and will repurchase again.

Thank you

Renee kicking goals!
Renee achieved these great results on our 28 day Fat Burner! She told us she feels amazing and has gotten rid of all he bloating too!
Paulina’s rocking the jeans

Here is my review for the 14 days detox package.

Couldn’t be happier about the result. Attached is the picture of the transformation. Overall, i lost about 2.3 kg, feel less boated and my curves are more obvious now. I did some planking/reverse crunch/oblique crunch before I sleep for 10-15 minutes and swam about twice a week during the 2 weeks. I ate regularly during the detox program, but i replaced rice with potatoes and added more vegetables and chia seeds in my diet. Will definitely recommend this to my other friends. Thank you Skinny Tea Time!

xoxo, Paulina

Brittany’s beach ready!
Brittany looks amazing!! She send us these photos from trying our 28 day Fat Burner!

We love the bikini too!!!

Courts great bod
I’m 20 yrs old and was feeling down about my body. I had a regular workout and good diet but nothing was working. I tried Skinnyteatime and felt the effects within just a few days! I had so much more energy, which inspired me to work out more. I love the results after just 28 days – my stomach is flatter, i have less love handle, muscles more toned & defined and dropped a pant size. Before I was 68.9kg and am now 64.8 – something my regular routine could never achieve. Thank you! Please find attached a before and after photo.
Laura feeling great
Hi, sending in my results from the 28 Day Detox Package, before and after!

I feel A LOT less bloated and, as you can tell, the size of my stomach has reduced massively. I’ve been working out at the same time and also managed to lose 5 kilos, just in 28 days (:

I don’t feel as hungry all the time and I have the energy I need to work out every day, I feel amazing! Thank you so much, will definitely be using again x

Michelle's incredible results!
Hi there I have attached two photos of my results. I absolutely loved the 28 day detox and would highly recommend it to any one that wants to kick start weight loss I have lost 5kgs! I used the detox in conjunction with gym and cardio at lest twice a week also clean eating.
Amber’s fat burner results!
I bought my friends skinny tea off her, and then recently I bought the 28 day fat burner which is doing wonders if my mum didn’t steal my second pack! from 94kg down to 88.5kg! all my friends in FB are asking me where to buy it so you will have a lot of customers coming in! thankyou!!!! so much xx
Dayle’s great detox
Hi there,

I’m just submitting my before and after shots. There is definitely a difference, which is why I'm re-purchasing. Great stuff!!

Kind regards, Dayle

Greer’s awesome bod
Greer sent us an email with her awesome bod!

She did the Fat Burner tea. We thinks she looks amazing!!! xx

Nichole’s amazing achievement
Good Morning,

I would like to say thank you for your tea detox, I bought the 14 Day pack and have just finished. I have lost 2 ½ Kg in the past 2 weeks with healthy eating and exercise along with the tea. (This is the smallest I have been since leaving school)

I now have given up coffee in the morning, which is great.

Not only have I lost weight, I feel great and I can now run longer then I have ever before with running up an entire hill this morning (which I never have been able to do)

Thank you for getting me stated towards a healthier lifestyle!

I would also like to order 2 more packs for myself and a friend.

Please find attached the before and after pic’s – they don’t show too much but in real life the results are great!

Thank you for all your help!

Nothing fits on Loren anymore!!!
Hey STT people,

I’m Loren and I wanted to share my amazing results with you! I purchased the 28 day detox package and a month after I finished the detox I went to go and put my long winter pants on when tragedy struck… None of my pants fit!

I have lost so much around all parts of my body (as you can see in the picture) and the detox diet combined with healthy eating and regular exercise has been the reason for this transformation.

I will also point out that the pants I’m wearing in the picture used to fit very well. Thank you so much for helping to kick start my sexy summer bod.

Much love, Loren xx

Emily’s Amazing Bod!!!
Emily did our detox program and sent us this amazing photo! Well done Emily you look fantastic XXXXX

“This tea is great!

I have a very physical job riding race horses so I always ate alot of food for energy but the tea has reduced my appetite but giving me loads of energy !!!

I loved it!!!”

Chelsea’s Review on Facebook
I’m currently using the 28 day fat burner, and it has been brilliant, lots more energy, not as hungry, have been able to add exercise to my 14 hour work days! Haven’t lost any weight but have dropped almost a dress size and have lots more muscle definition! It’s not for everyone but I couldn’t be happier!!! Will definitely be ordering some more when I hit another slump!!!
She’s got the gap woot!
Claire achieved the holy grail a gap! Even during these cold winter months! Amazing job Claire!

Here is her comment:

“Hi Skinny Team,

Just wanted to say thanks for your great 28 day detox! I have a gap between my thighs! Have not had this since I was in high school ha ha! Very happy that I can look great in my skinny jeans!

I’ll do another detox before Summer again!



Jen wrote us
“Hi guys, I just want to say thanks for the great service. I’ve been emailing Erin because I wasn’t sure if the product was right for me and she was so helpful. I’ve now been on the detox for 8 days and can feel a massive change in my body. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again.”
Liliane’s Review
I’ve been on my tea for the past 10 days and I have never looked or felt better, with no laxative effect. Recommend x 10! I do the 14 day detox and i eat alot of Caesar salads, chicken veg and rice and chicken and avocado meals. Avoiding sugar and dairy and my hip fat has just disappeared. But of course you need to do a bit of exercise as well. Xx
Kourtnie’s awesome review
Hi my name is kourtnie, I purchased a 28 day fat buster pack!

I did 14 days and this is the result I got, I lost 2.8kg I feel so much healthier, I have so much more energy. I have more confidence in my body, it got rid of my bloating my belly aches. I would highly recommend trying it, it did wonders for me had had belly pain for 3 years and this got rid of it I would definitely buy it again thanks

A note from Annabelle:
I just wanted to thank Skinny Tea Time for this amazing product. I was sceptical at first, but after committing to your 14 day program, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I haven’t changed my level of exercise or eating, but it’s still given me noticeable results. Thank you.

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