October 14, 2016



I just finished my first pack of the 14 day fat burner and it’s amazing! I’ve attached my before and after photos and I’m so happy. My extra weight always fell to my bum and legs and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it off and now finally combining this fat burner with exercise and a healthy diet I can see change! Thanks heap Skinny Tea Time you are a lifesaver.

The 1 in the photos means before and the 2 means after!

I weighed 59kgs before i took the fat burner and afterwards I now weigh 54kg! My energy levels in the morning were a lot better and it lasted longer throughout the day than it usually would. I usually get pimples on my back but when I was taking the fat burner the pimples cleared. I still ate meals but I wasn’t craving chocolates or cakes like i usually do! I didn’t even think about bad food and this made me happier as I actually enjoyed healthy food. The taste of the fat burner wasn’t the nicest tasting drink but it’s okay because it’s only a quick shot and it is definitely worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who is really struggling to lose weight or tone their body. I have had problems for about 4 years to lose weight in my thighs and hips area. I had a hip operation and ever since then no matter how healthy i ate or how much i worked out I couldn’t lose weight or properly tone this specific area. Then finally I tired this fat burning tea and I am so happy I can finally see results. I feel so much more confident in myself now and i don’t feel embarrassed when I’m in a bikini!  This was actually my little personal life saving drink so thank you so much!*

Sarah xxx

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