Fat Burner
Boost your metabolism and kickstart your morning with a shot of Fat Burner teatox
How to Teatox and Burn Fat
Day Detox
Keep that sluggish feeling away - all day, every day!. Teatox with our skinny teas to raise your energy levels.
More About Day Detox
Colon Cleanse
The powerhouse in our trio of skinny teas - a gentle but effective teatox blend that will make your insides feel amazing
Teatox and Colon Health

Fat Burner

Boost your Metabolism and Kickstart your mornings with our Fat Burner Teatox

How often do you start up your morning with a cup of coffee - and then all too soon feel jittery, bloated and in need of a second cup to keep your energy running?

Kick coffee to the curb, and try a shot of Fat Burner skinny tea instead. Simple and effective, energising Fat Burner teatox is made up of only one ingredient – super concentrated green tea powder.

Sip on this natural weight loss product first thing in the morning (as part of a 14- or 28-day teatox programmes, or on its own between teatoxes) to start your day the right way and kick your metabolism into gear.

How do I use it ?

1. First thing in the morning, mix a quarter of a teaspoon of Fat Burner tea powder into half a shot of boiled water and stir.

2. Top up the rest of the shot glass with cold water, to reach a drinkable temperature.

3. Drink half the shot.

4. Give it a stir so you don’t miss out on any of the powder that’s sunk to the bottom.

5. Finish your shot, and have a great day!

What's in it ?
100% green tea (and nothing else!)

Day Blend

Keep that sluggish feeling away – all day, every day!

A thoughtful and customised blend of goji, lemongrass, liquorice and oolong makes for a delicious tea, no matter who you’re asking. Add the benefits of a boosted metabolism, glowing skin and shiny hair. Boil the kettle, it’s time for tea!

This tea will keep you hydrated throughout the day (always important when you teatox) and fill you up with loads of antioxidants – which gives a boost to your immune system.

How do I use it ?

After taking your morning shot of Fat Burner, brew one teaspoon of Day Detox loose-leaf blend in a cup or teapot for three to five minutes, and drink up.

To continue drinking Day Detox throughout your morning and into the afternoon, simply reuse the tea leaves from your morning cuppa until you’ve extracted every last drop of flavour.

Another way to reuse your leaves throughout the day – pop your used leaves into a fruit infuser bottle and top up with cold water.

What's in it ?
Goji berry, lemongrass, liquorice root, oolong tea

Colon Cleanse

The powerhouse in our trio of skinny teas – a gentle but effective blend that will make your insides feel amazing

Watch this video on the importance of natural colon cleanse - our teatox will cleanse your colon and you can get rid of bloated stomach.

Think of Colon Cleanse as a spring clean for your insides. Flush out the toxins, reset your inner balance, and start feeling good again.

Goodbye sluggish-feeling stomach! Toodle-oo bloated tummy! Hello gorgeous!

We’ve hand picked ingredients including Chinese senna and alisma (natural weight loss herbs) to restore your body-balanced look.

How do I use it ?

1. Every second night, right before bed, brew one teabag of Colon Cleanse for three to five minutes. Drink up, and sleep tight!

2. 10-15 hours later, you should experience a mild, cleaning laxative effect. If you haven’t experienced this, try brewing your next cup of Colon Cleanse slightly longer – but do not increase the frequency of your cleanse.

What's in it ?
Chinese senna, hawthorn berry, alisma, Chinese plantain seed, lotus leaf, barley, key lime, sickle senna.

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