October 14, 2016


When I started the Skinny Tea Time 14 Day Detox I was 72.4kg and feeling very bloated and irregular. I’m usually a pretty active person and aim to go to the gym 6 days a week but had been getting a bit slack and needed some extra motivation to get me back on track before Christmas. STT was perfect for this! I’m really not a tea drinker but I really didn’t mind the STT teas- especially the Day Detox tea. I was so much less bloated than I usually would be around that time of the month, and after a few days the fact that I wasn’t eating carbs really didn’t bother me and I wasn’t snacking nearly as much as before (which is usually my downfall!).

By the end of STT, I had regained my motivation to exercise, was feeling much fitter and less bloated, and just generally felt back on track. Not to mention I had gone down to 70 kg, which is so much closer to my ultimate goal weight.

I would definitely recommend STT to anyone and I plan to do the 28 Day Burner to get rid of that extra weight Christmas and holidays have no doubt made me gain!

Thank you STT!*

xx Lucy


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