October 13, 2016

My skinny tea time journey started at 55kg, i seriously needed to do something as my stomach was bloating after every lunch and dinner. the gym and swimming pool is upstairs on the roof top but it seamed to be too far away. i needed motivation, and i fund it after 2 days drinking the tea. i can remember the smile on my face, i even checked if my scale was working, i lost the first kilo in 2 days !
the taste of the tea is all right but my favourite is probably the one to drink before lunch, i really enjoyed that one. The effect i noticed is that i was not hungry and that my stomach felt great, not bloating at all. The tea also gave me the energy to work out and to feel sexy and beautiful, my partner is happy too…
i am now 51 kg after 3weeks drinking the tea and i can’t wait to receive my free 28days fat burner, not to loose anymore weight but because i used to have digestion issues and always felt bloated, but not anymore with the tea.
my sister that leave overseas also have issues like i used to have and ordered the skinny tea time too. i can’t wait to see her reaction on how fast and amazing the tea is effecting on her.
Thanks skinny tea time xxx*

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