How to lose weight, stay sane and stick with it
February 18, 2017

Losing weight and getting fit is something that everyone aspires to do. The trouble is, it can be difficult to stick with it, especially after a setback or if your diet and plan is too restrictive. Here are our top tips to help you stick with your plan and actually enjoy it.

Weighing yourself

Weight loss isn’t necessarily a good indicator of how well your plan is going, but to some people it is important. If you are one of these people, the easiest way to get around it is to weight yourself just once a week. Your body will fluctuate from day to day with the timing of meals, water retention, and a number of other factors. Over the course of a week however, it will more likely show the true loss. This will stop you obsessing about every gram and making yourself miserable.

Set small goals

Having a big weight loss or fitness target is fine, but it is more sustainable to set a series of smaller milestones to mark your progress. A trap that people can fall into is aiming for a big goal, then achieving it and stopping. They then revert to their previous lifestyle and undo all their good work. It is more valuable to see it as a lifestyle change and have a set of goals that are constantly being achieved and reassessed. It will also be more motivating over the long term as feelings of achievement are better at providing forward momentum than always feeling you are far from the end goal.

Feed your mind

It isn’t simply your body that is involved in your exercise routine. Your mindset is vitally important too. You can only achieve your goals if you are getting into it for the right reasons. Being healthier and having more energy are more important than how you look in clothes – that’s just a great extra. Feelings of health and vitality are self-perpetuating and once you get a taste you’ll find it easier to sustain.

Give yourself a break

It is important to take the time to enjoy the results of your hard work, but also realise that making a mistake isn’t the end of the world. A trap dieters often fall into is that when they eat something they have decided they shouldn’t they don’t see it as an indulgence they can simply enjoy and move on from. Instead, it is seen as a sign of failure and that they may as well just give up entirely. Eating an ice cream, or a piece of cake, or a chocolate biscuit can be a naughty treat and the important thing is that you don’t see it as weakness. There’s no need to eat the whole tub, the whole cake, or the whole packet because of one little slip. Exercise and weight loss should be an enjoyable journey, not just a destination.

Image Credit: Lose Weight

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