Flower Meditation
January 16, 2017


“A blossomed flower represents Heart of God” – Anonymous Zen master

One of the 17th century Haiku poem beautifully describes a great moment of a girl who went to fetch water from a well early in the morning. She noticed a flower wine wrapped around the rope and a flower bud about to blossom in the beautiful sunny morning. The sunlight reflected to her face and filled her mind with peace and happiness. To let the flower bud blossom fully she decided to move to the next well. This story tells us the relationship between human mind and flowers.

An olden day myth says that flower is the reason behind Humans beauty and artistic mind. In every country flower have a deep connection with godly worship and praise and because of this there is a saying “ if you are a person who is seeking the truth, you will find it if you live with a flower”.

Each type of Flower will only blossom at a special moment of time. These flowers has a vey important part in human life. There are 150,000 flower blossoming plants in this world out of those there is 3,000 variety of flower cultivated by humans. Nature has filled unique smell and meaning to each and every single flower.

When you are sitting in a flower garden with a mind to meditate the color, smell and the special time a flower blossoms you will understand how we are mentally, physically and spiritually connected in depth with these feelings.

Habit energy is an important term in Buddhist psychology. Our seeds carry the habit energies of thousands of years. The Sanskrit term for habit energy, vashana, means “to permeate,” “to impregnate.” If you want to make jasmine tea, you pick jasmine flowers, put them in a box together with the tea, close it tightly, and leave it for several weeks. The fragrant jasmine penetrates deeply into the tealeaves. The tea will then smell of jasmine, because it has absorbed the perfume of the jasmine blossoms. Likewise this impregnation of our human consciousness, the habit energy we carry affects our patterns of seeing, feeling, and behaving.

Flower Mediation help to create and improve habit energy. Love and affection can also become Habit energy. When we participate in flower meditation our love and affection will also grow. We may not experience it at the start but will have to work hard and one day we will definitely start feeling love and happiness in our life and we will surely be shocked at the changes that came about with flower meditation. We may also wonder why we faced such hardship in our lives.

Your life will be fulfilled with Love and happiness once you have habitual energy flowing and at that point we will feel that our life is filled will simple, joyful and satisfying feelings.


How to do Flower meditation


Exercise method

Keep your mind calm and settled and surround yourself with lots of colourful flowers and start to breath in and breath out.

When you breathe in think that you are taking in a really long breath and when breath out make sure that you feel that you are fully exhaling.

Continue into flower meditation.

Step 1

Take a really deep breath and imagine that there is a divine flower blossoming inside you.

Step 2

Believe that the smell of the blossomed flower is lingering around you and with a really nice smile breath out completely.

Repeat these 2 steps for 10 minutes

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