October 13, 2016


I decided to try the Skinny Tea Time to cleanse myself of all the terrible food I had consumed over the Christmas and holiday period. I was bloated and felt sluggish and thought it may reduce the bloating and give me a bit more energy to get back into the gym and a healthy lifestyle again. I definitely did not expect the results that I received from the detox! I weighed 61 Kilograms before starting the tea and 56 after I had completed the detox.
I found the Day Time tea gave me tons of energy and that I didn’t crave sugar or carbs mid day like I usually would. I would leave the tea for at least 5 minutes before I would drink it to ensure I was receiving the full benefits of the tea. There is not much of a taste, it is just like a pleasant green tea and is easy to drink.
The Night Time tea definitely cleansed me of toxins and not just reduced my bloating but eliminated it completely! Every second night I would have the tea and it ensured the next day that I was regular in going to the bathroom and overall it made me feel lighter and not sluggish like I was prior to the tea. I know some people say they had nausea with this tea but I had no side effects whatsoever and again it was easy to drink and barely had a taste.
The Fat Burner tea was easy to drink and was my favourite in taste.
My main goal from doing the detox was to get myself back on track and to hopefully lose a bit of weight. I want to tone up and live a healthier lifestyle so this was like a starting point for me. I exercised throughout the detox and tried to follow the diet but I did have a few slack days as well due to birthday parties and events I could not avoid.
I weighed myself on day one and was 61 kg, I then weighed myself on day 7 (middle of the detox) and weighed 58 kg and on the last day I weighed 56 kg!
After completing the detox I felt light, energised, healthy and the weight loss results were amazing! I have done the 14 day again since then and I will continue to do the detox every few months. I cannot speak highly enough of this program and I recommend it to anyone who felt the way I did and needed a change! Try it and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!*

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