October 14, 2016


Thank you for your help Skinny tea I am a new me and I feel amazing!

Last year a long string of events caused me to struggle a lot with everyday tasks, even making a meal became a battle of tears and worry. As I tried to come to terms with the fact that my dad and cousin had been diagnosed with incurable diseases, I got dumped by the guy who told me he wanted to marry me, uni, work and dancing became an effort and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. And a month ago a very close and dear friend committed suicide and it hit home all to well. But since then I have received help from the places I needed it most, and an overwhelming amount of love and support from my friends and family.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Skinny Tea Time, your tea not only helped my body get back to where I feel confident, amazing and sexy, but because of that I now can take on any challenge that comes my way, (I’m going on an exchange to Colorado State Uni in a week =D). Starting the detox was not about ‘loosing weight’ but feeling confident and comfortable in my self inside and out. My mind is clear and my head is healing.

I put together a wee collage of pictures for you*

Beks (Junior) xx

We will contact you soon!

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