1. How often can I do the tea detox diet?

It is safe to do a tea detox as many times as you like. We recommend taking a week break in between 14 and 28 day skinny tea detoxes to allow your body to adjust. It is important that you eat a healthy diet and exercise during and in between tea detoxes. When considering repeating our teatox program, you need to be aware of your body and not become reliant on the laxative effect.  If you are concerned about overdoing the laxative effect of the program, just move to our fat burner and day blend. All these skinny teas are 100% safe to consume as much as you like!

2. Will I put the weight straight back on when I stop the tea tox?

Once you finish the tea detox, the weight shouldn’t ‘bounce back’ as it often happens with diet based programmes that ask you to restrict your calorie intake. When you finish your tea detox, your metabolism will remain elevated (this can be extended by incorporating lots of water into your daily regime) before returning to normal. We recommend continuing with the Fat Burner tea after the program to maintain weight loss!

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