7 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body
Teatox Info
August 17, 2016

Are you tired and weak? Here are seven simple ways by which you could detox your body:

1. Begin the day with a glass of water


Drink a large glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice. It helps to re-hydrate the body and improves digestion. It also helps you flush out toxic wastes from your system. In addition to this, consume at least eight glasses of water every day even if you are not thirsty.

2. Control you sugar intake


Consuming a lot of sugar demands your body to produce more insulin, causing strain on the pancreas, thereby resulting in diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Keep a tab on the amount of sugar that you consume.

3. Start exercising now!


Regular exercise can increase metabolism. It improves your blood and lymph circulation. Studies point out that people who regularly exercise have less toxins in their body. Brisk walking, cycling, skipping, outdoor games or even swimming can help you stay fit.

4. Consume seasonal fruits and green vegetables


Add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Eat plenty of fiber-rich food such as brown rice, spinach, split-peas, lentils, broccoli, avocados, pears, oats etc. Consume various fruit juices as an alternative to fried snacks and cool drinks.

5. Drink Skinny Tea Time Detox Tea


Instead of consuming coffee that has caffeine in it, switch to Skinny Tea Time detox tea. This Tea will help you clear your system, making way for that body-balanced-look. You’ll also find that your sugar cravings are gone, your productive energy levels are through the roof (without the jitteriness that comes from caffeine or the sugar crash you get after eating too much sugar), and everyone will be wondering what you’ve done to look so good!

6. Ex-foliate the face and body


Regular massage with coconut oil, or coconut milk can polish your skin. Ex-foliate your skin by using a good quality scrub to remove dead cells from your body and face.

Try sweating through a sauna so that pores in your body open up. Perspiration is a great way to cleanse your skin.

7. Detox your mind


Along with cleansing the body, your mind needs purification too. Spend some time meditating every day. Take a break, enjoy a walk in the park or go trekking. Try pursuing hobbies such as listening to music, gardening or cooking, so that you are relaxed.


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