5 must do workout moves
July 26, 2016

No matter how much thought you put into your circuit, you’re guaranteed to be incorporating these movements into your workout. All to often we look for max reps and big weights at the expense of form. Master the technique of each of these fundamental movements and watch your results skyrocket.



To tone your legs, strengthen your hips and give your butt a boost, there’s nothing quite like performing squats. But not all squats were created equal. If you’re arching your back and letting your lower back do all the work, chances are, your squat is causing you more harm than good. Give your power press and box jump a leg up by harnessing the explosive power you can gain by refining your squat.



You can’t develop your lower body properly without incorporating lunges. They require balance, coordination and stability, and they promote functional fitness. Think about walking, climbing stairs or kneeling down to pick up a child; we’re lunging all the time. Base exercises around lunges to ensure you’re developing your quads, hamstrings and glutes. They’ll keep your hips, knees and ankles injury free by promoting optimum muscle function, too.



Build a stronger foundation by adding push-ups to your training sessions. They stablise your shoulders by developing your scapular muscles and rotator cuffs, and they help to correct the poor posture that can arise from slugging away at a desk for too many hours a day.

Push-ups are not only great for enhancing your physique, they’re also crucial for developing toned chest and shoulder muscles. And the best part? You can drop and do 10 now. No need for equipment and no room for excuses.



So you’ve added some push but you also need to pull. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t master pull-ups straight away (or even after a few months). They’re not easy. The process of trying to get them right; however, is as beneficial to your training as any other goal you set yourself. They work your lats, rhomboids, forearms, biceps and triceps, and they give you an unparalleled cardio workout in the process.



Everybody wants abs but they evade most people. The fact is, abs really are made in the kitchen. No amount of sit-ups and oblique raises will cancel out a block of chocolate a day and that’s a fact. With that said, it is still crucial to focus on your core when you work out. It’s your stabilising force and your key to maintaining proper posture. Practicing plank exercises protects your spine and helps you stay stable while you perform all the other fundamental movements on this list.


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