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Powerful & Unique Tea Blend, Burn Fat, Increase Metabolism, Suppress Appetite, 100% Natural & SAFE
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Quick & Easy
Three cups of skinny tea is all it takes to get you feeling good from the inside out. Teatox is that simple.
100% Natural
All our detox teas are 100% natural, organic and of the highest quality to get that body glowing.
Diet Free
No need to go on a diet when you are teatoxing. Just stick to your normal meals and leave the rest to skinny tea time. We're all about balance, babe.
Visible Results
Our skinny teas give you quicker results. See and feel a change for the better in next to no time!


All Natural Detox Tea that cleanses and purifies your system. Its powerful and effective formula helps you detox effortlessly.
Our fat burner and detox teas are just the right teatox you need. Our skinny teas are available in three unique blends to suit your needs better.
Our skinny teas boost your metabolism rates and hence break down more fat in less time.
Teatox suppresses your appetite and brings down sugar cravings-so you can have a normal diet during the program.
While detoxing with our skinny teas, toxins are flushed out of your system. You feel less bloated and more active and energetic.
All our skinny teas are made of high quality natural ingredients and are safe. So you can have your teatox with peace of mind.


Kick start your metabolism in to fat burning mode
Dissolve Fats and Suppress Fat Storage
Suppress Appetite
Flush out toxins
Reduce Sugar Cravings
Stabilise blood sugar levels
Increase Energy Levels
Cleanse Entire Body including Digestive System
Enhance Sleep


First thing in the morning, mix a quarter of a teaspoon of Fat Burner powder into half a shot of boiled water and drink.
Drink Day Detok throughout your morning and into the afternoon into the afternoon, simply reuse the tea leaves.
Every second night, right before bed, brew one teabag of Colon Cleanse and Drink.


Scientifically Developed & Tested
Unique Blend
100% Natural & SAFE
0% Additives
95% Organic Ingredients
High Quality Freshly Harvested Ingredients

‘Skinny’ is so much more than appearance. Skinny is about having the confidence in your own skin to do what ever you want – rock that bikini at the beach, wear a figure-hugging outfit, or simply have the peace that comes with a cleansed body.

Are you sweating in the gym and fighting foodie cravings but still not seeing the results you want?

Are you on the lookout for a short-but-sweet detox before a big event (or after a cheeky weekend of too much of the good stuff)?

Then let’s get you gorgeous! Skinny Tea Time’s completely natural detox programs are based on centuries-old remedies and crafted by experts – designed to get you glowing. It’s an easy way to give your body a boost and get you feeling dazzling quickly.

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Value for Money
*Survey Results March 15
Single Mum Laura couldn't be happier..
I lost a total of 4.3kgs (was 56.6kgs and now 52.3kgs) I am a single mum and I was always low on energy and tired ALL the time. I noticed I was full of beans all day. Didn't even catch a yawn after the first week. Most certainly stopped my horrendous bloating problem as you could see haha.  I have recommended it to 4 people (so far) when they asked and they have already ordered some!! My best friends neighbour next door is waiting for hers to arrive checking her mail box every day she's the excited :) One awesome thing I loved was 1 week in I snuck 1 square of chocolate and felt so sick so haven't had any temptation since (and I am a MAD chocolate lover) *Results from 28day detox package  
Experience with 28 Day Fat Burner for a week
I have been on the 28 day fat burner for a week and I have lost 1.5kg. I feel like I have more energy and I find that I am also sleeping alot better as I have always had problems with sleeping. I feel great after each at and I feel like I can push myself hard and further at the gym. I just wanna say this product it amazing and I can't wait to see my results at the end of my 28 days! Thank you Skinny Tea Time P.S. I also follow you guys on Instagram hayleigh.xx
Michelle Greig
I felt amazing with Skinny Tea Time
I was skeptical when some friends of mine suggested Skinny Tea Time, but I've been struggling with my weight for a few years now, so I thought why not give it a try. On the detox program I felt amazing, my energy was up, my confidence was raised, I felt like I could achieve anything. The taste was actually really pleasant, it was just like drinking my usual cup of tea. I think the biggest barrier between me and my weight lose goals has always been my appetite, but why on the skinny tea time detox program, I notice that snacking was never really on my mind. I was able to eat three meals a day and feel completely satisfied. I'm a moderately active girl, I go to the gym three or four times a week, eat healthy when I can, but I needed something to give me that push to get going and work as hard as I can towards my health goals- which is to be healthy and fit and active by the time I graduate university in a year and a half. After two weeks on the detox problem, I lost over 5kgs, in addition to healthy eating and regular exercise. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a kick start, or just a boost. It truly works.
Amazing transformation with 28 Day Detox
On the detox program I felt I had quite a bit of appetite suppression even now not drinking the teas, I don’t crave chocolate or potato chips at all really and when I have the option to have those I don’t want them. I felt really good and it made me want to look up more healthy(clean) recipes and really made me focus on what I was putting into my body. The teas taste great the fat burner tea was fine for me because I drink copious amounts of green tea and really like the taste of matcha. The day time tea was so good and smelt amazing everyone at work wanted to drink it just because it smelt lovely. I have recommended this detox to quite a few people already and some have told me they’ve one to the website and are eating it. After the detox I feel a lot more healthy not as hungry all the time, and I want to keep that up. Thanks a lot it was a grey experience. Thanks Skinny Me Tea x
Alex’s Amazing Transformation
I mainly started the 14 day detox to help with my energy levels during the uni exam period, along with kick starting some weight loss. Although I struggled to exercise as much as I would have liked as I was so busy last minute cramming for exams. I maintained a reasonably healthy diet with a few exceptions. I suffer from mild chronic fatigue and found that my energy levels elevated during the detox. There was also a very noticeable difference in the amount of bloating. I find myself craving the taste of the tea after finishing the detox, and have already ordered more. I am usually sceptical about these types of things, but SMT is defiantly worth trying, whether it is for weight loss or better wellbeing. I started the detox at 57.5 kilos and finished it at 55 kilos. I can’t wait to start my next detox and fully apply myself to losing a little more weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
Krissy's amazing transformation
This was my first time using skinny tea time & I’m over the moon with with results I’ve lost 4 kilos with the 28 fat burner Ive went from 84 – 80kg!! my stomach lost a lot of bloating and I found I got fuller easier and ate less. I walked for 30 minutes for 3 days a week and just ate moderately healthy.
I would defiantly recommend this I’ve already got two of my friends to buy it this week  im hoping to get down to 75kg and go the gym 5 days a week thank you so much for getting me started skinny tea time I have already told heaps of my friends about your tea and they are thinking about trying it too! I was also really happy with the price of the product, it wasn't too expensive :) I noticed that my skin became a lot clearer during this process which is one thing I was extremely happy about. My goals after this are to carry on going to yoga and the gym and also to just keep eating healthy.

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